About Joyce

I am teacher, a workshop instructor for Embrace The Grain Workshop and a film photographer living in Austin Texas.  I first fell in love with photography when my uncle, a retired Kodak employee, gifted me a professional SLR Nikon camera and lenses in the 1990s. In 2010, I rekindled my love of photography and started my business as a professional portrait photographer in Austin, Texas

Although I still shoot with my oldie but goodie DSLR, Nikon D700 and a brand new mirrorless Fujifilm X-E2, my first love will always be film. Film is soft, luminous, beautiful, nostalgic and romantic. It’s like a Jane Austen novel or a timeless black dress that will never go out of style!

Besides being a photographer, I am also a Middle School and High School Arts & Humanities teacher and a homeschooling mom to my four boys.  I love our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus; and He is the reason why I am determined to document every second He gifts me to spend on this earth.  In addition to teaching, I also write weekly blog posts for Little Bellows, an international film photography blog for the professional photographers. My work has been featured and published in several international photography blogs and magazines such as Let the Kids Dress Themselves (best of 2014), NAPCPClickinmom, Click Magazine, In Beauty and ChaosLight Inspired and Lemonade and Lenses, and taught Intro to Film at Click Away Conference 2015.


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